PaperClassroom is the UK’s Number 1 Training Provider for the Paper Industry. On our website, you will find details about the Level 2 and Level 3 technical certificates in Papermaking, alongside bespoke and made-to-order courses. In addition to the latest news in the paper industry, we have a photo gallery showing our most recent classes and links to FREE revision aids. PaperClassroom is part of various projects, including the Machineman Development Programme. This course offers machine operators; newly appointed engineers and technical staff the opportunity to learn about applied paper making in a highly conductive learning environment.


Dr Steven Mann (PaperClassroom’s Founder), obtained a PhD in 1982 from the Department of Paper Science in Manchester and has been working within the industry since then, as both a supplier and a trainer. Steven is a very creative, enthusiastic and inspirational professional, who has helped to establish and maintain a leading position in the world of paper technology. His broad range of experience has allowed him to understand the way that a mill operates and how it works alongside customers and suppliers. Additionally, it has given him an awareness of the need for high quality materials and processes.


PaperClassroom currently provides 1, 2 and 3 Day Courses at an Introductory Level. The 1-day course is usually attended by office workers within paper mills, who are required to have a very basic awareness of the papermaking system. The 2 and 3 day courses are introductory courses for operators, engineers and suppliers, where a more detailed understanding is required. At the moment, these courses are only delivered face to face within the UK, however, we are in the process of creating online versions of them.

For those that require formal qualifications, there are only 2 formal papermaking qualifications in the UK. These are the Level 2 and Level 3 Technical Certificates in papermaking. Previously, they were known as the City and Guilds Part 1 and 2. Both of these courses are delivered face to face and as an online option.  Since they are nationally approved courses, the formal exam is only taken within the UK in February and July each year, under strict examination conditions.

The level 2 consists of 7 units. All of these are compulsory. The learner must achieve a score of at least 50% in each unit in order to obtain the full Level 2 Technical Certificate. The Level 3 course consists of 3 pathway units from which the candidate must choose one. The candidate must also choose 4 of the 8 optional units. For any further information, take a look through our website or contact us.


For those that cannot come to the UK to take the formal examinations, it is possible to substantially reduce the fees and have an online examination as an alternative. Therefore, for those not taking the formal exam, I will not have to submit evidence of student activity for each module and I also do not have to undergo the awarding body’s rigorous auditing. Because of this, I can offer a significantly reduced price to people outside of the UK, including a certificate which can be sent in a PDF format.

Normally, people complete the two courses. However, I can allow you to choose which modules you would like to take and you can receive a certificate for each module instead of having to complete the whole courses. This way, you can study only the modules relevant to yourself. In addition to these off the shelf courses, I also deliver bespoke courses. Let me know if you require any further information about that.

Finally, if you would like more information about what we have to offer, including pricing information, please email me directly at steve@paperclassroom.com. If you are unsure as to whether the online courses are for you, I am able to provide you with FREE access to the first module (History Module) as a taster session. If there is anything else that hasn’t already been mentioned, please get in touch.